Cinema Curation
by 김소희, 허서영 (상업화랑 전시기획팀)

Here are some film selections recommended by Sahng-up Gallery curators to reflect on our lives. You can enjoy them through the OTT service. It is even better to enjoy with the exhibition “The Continuous Present” at the Sahng-up Gallery.

<Still Life>, 2013


John May, who wears the same clothes and eats the same food every day to work at the district office, organizes the keepsakes of the dead without family or friends and holds a funeral. His attitude to send those people off at the end is as sincere as his neat daily life. That’s why the movie keeps pulling us into life while talking about death. What made him so sincere, and where did his quiet tenderness come from? No wonder the faces that no one remembers in the blue album he peeks through every night are familiar. John May will be remembered for a very long time, who will still be alive with the hardness of solitude. / Available on Watcha

<Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close>, 2011


Based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Safran Foer. How the lives of those left behind after losing loved ones last. Through the eyes of Oscar, 11, who lost his father in the 9.11 attacks, the movie shows the process of facing separation and hugging a cavity. Oscar, who discovered the clues left by his father, ventured out of the dark attic where he stayed that day in 2001 and went on an adventure throughout New York. People who he met there face sadness in their own ways. Soon, a tight knot is tied on top of the loss and disconnection that Oscar had to endure. Finally, we are able to say considerate goodbye to Oscar’s father, and to those who went through the day together. / Available on Watcha

 <Jojo Rabbit>, 2019 


The story of a child who had no choice but to hide in a closet, a child who grows slowly tying up shoelaces, an adult who dances not to cry, and an adult who lives after demons in his head. The film gives affection to things that change and grow little by little even in the midst of desperate history. Until Jojo, who had been using Hitler as his imaginary friend, pushed him out of the window, the narrative of tragedy, which reads with a pure glance, makes us bring out the hatred deep inside us and look it back. It is lovely but touching. After watching the movie, the music of The Beatles and David Bowie, which played on the opening sequence and ending, lingers in the ears. Please, let them love and dance to the fullest. 

<Night Train to Lisbon>, 2013


Gregorius, who has lived a repetitive and dumb daily life for a long time, one day accidentally saves a strange woman who tried to throw her life from the bridge during heavy rain. But soon she disappears suddenly, and Gregorius recklessly gets on a train bound for Lisbon with a book, which is the only clue she leaves behind. He is strongly drawn to the passionate lives of the characters in the book and follows the scent. In the end, he is at the crossroads of choice. Will he follow the enthusiasm of the new space and time, or will he put himself on a train going back to normal? We don’t know where the train of fate is headed. But whether to get on the train or stay depends on our choice at this moment in time. / Available on Watcha