Sahng-up Gallery Artists News March-May, 2021

Ji Hyun Cheong

Participates in the invitation exhibition The People at Gallery Omoke located in Chilgok from 2nd March to 2nd May 2021 

and hold a solo exhibition at Sahng-up Gallery from 16th April 2021.

Rayeon Kim

Participates in the group exhibition The Continuous Present  at Sahng-up Gallery from 10th March to 11th April 2021.

Yi Jin Jeong

Participated in the group exhibition Todays curated by Louise the Women at K.I.T(keep in touch) Seoul and Youngju Mansion, Busan. (19th – 27th Feb. 2021). 

She will spend a busy year preparing for solo exhibitions and participating in an art fair with Sahng-up Gallery in 2021.

Youngkook Jeong

Participated in a group exhibition Manners of Representation at One and J. Gallery from 17th Dec. 2020 to 31st Jan. 2021 

and will be participating in a group exhibition at Gallery Mark from 11th March – 17th April 2021.

Jihyun Park

Jihyun Park was selected as the 30 finalists of the Sovereign Asian Art Award 

and participates in the group exhibition New Ways of Living for ( ) at the Suwon Museum of Art from 10th Feb – 20th June 2021.